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Free Tax Extension Filing Offer

McRuer CPAs is offering special pricing relief for our clients who must request a tax filing extension due to IRS delays in making all necessary tax forms available.  This offer applies to clients who have suffered delays and setbacks in getting their tax records and necessary tax forms compiled in time for processing and submission by the April 15th deadline.

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We have been updating McRuer CPAs The ReSource eNewsletter subscribers throughout the past several weeks about the unprecedented delays caused by Congress and the administration as the “Fiscal Cliff” negotiations delayed the final 2012 tax law.

The delays have caused the IRS to release final forms and other guidance necessary to complete income tax returns weeks later than usual.  31 forms were affected.  This included forms necessary for reporting depreciation; affecting virtually every business.   Many of the forms also  had to do with tax credits.

Accordingly, McRuer CPAs and other tax preparation services were prevented from starting their tax filing season processing for several weeks.  This delay that is beyond our control will also likely force us to request filing extensions for more returns than in the past.

To date, the IRS has not offered any filing deadline relief.  That means, although the tax filing season is now significantly shorter, 2012 individual income tax returns must still be filed on or before April 15, 2013, or an extension of time to file must be secured.

Protests about the delays were filed on behalf of taxpayers by the American Institute of CPAs.  In response, the IRS is providing a waiver that may be available for taxpayers incurring late-filing penalties caused by the federal government delays.

However, be aware; the IRS relies on an automated assessment process for the late-payment penalty, and it says affected taxpayers will still receive an automatic assessment notice and demand for payment.  The taxpayer will have to then respond in writing explaining why they believe they are eligible for penalty relief and which forms caused their late payment.

McRuer CPAs has further expanded its hours, added team members, and extended all team members’ availability to serve our clients during the now shortened filing season.

Our Offer:   As part of our continuing focus on providing the best customer service, for those clients whose returns we cannot complete by the filing deadline due to the delays, we are offering to prepare their tax filing extension requests free of charge.

We appreciate our clients’ confidence and will do everything we can to accommodate their tax filing obligations during this unusual season.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


If a person is not able to submit the tax file within the time limit, then the tax extension is possible.You may get the extension time of 6 months. This article really helped me.Thank you for sharing .

Delays on the side of the government has caused problems this time. Even though late I am glad that finally all the forms were released and we can start the work.

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